Intelligence travel planner is an sophisticated system to manage the travel business with high levels of efficiency at comparatively low costs. The system intelligently mimics the depth and knowledge of a well versed travel agent.Tripeazze leverages the collective insights of several travel planners to provide the best itinerary and avoid pitfalls which ruin a holiday. The system is modular and can be linked to other platforms such as Analytics, SMS, Email Server, etc. Key features include itinerary generator, costing of the plan, and intelligent contextual recommendations.


Tipster Toast is the social networking and service trading platform for Travel Agencies,Tour Operators and Suppliers. Our platform enables verified Agents/ Operators/ Suppliers to connect, obtain travel & tour related services, make offers and deals for your service and many more exciting things. This platform is completely free for the Travel Industry to connect and do service trading in a secured and trusted way.